Celebrate the weekend: Bella's Apricot Bellini

Bella's Apricot Bellini 
Celebrate the start of this spring weekend {and brunch!} with this luscious cocktail.

1- 750ml bottle prosecco, chilled
5 each of  Bella Cucina Organic Apricots in Syrup
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 Tablespoon syrup from apricots 

To make the bellini,  place the pitted apricot halves along with the syrup and juice into a blender. Puree the apricots until smooth. Use more of the syrup to adjust for sweetness and consistency. Pass the puree through a sieve.  
Put two tablespoons of the apricot puree in the bottom of
chilled glasses. 
Top off with ice cold prosecco. 


1. Apricot Bellini {image via Serious Eats}

© 2012 Bella Cucina

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