Good Food is Sacred

For all the fun I have in the kitchen, one thing I know for sure, for me.

.................................good food is sacred.........................................

I know how priveledged I am to be able to put good food on the table.
I treasure the luxury of being able to shop at my local organic farmer's market for the best the season has to offer.
I appreciate mother nature's seasonal gifts of abundance that transform into an artful meal.

Some people like couture or cars or the big bling. {hey, I like it too!}
But what I choose to spend my dollars on is good food- for me, for my family, for my friends.

It is a way I can nourish and nurture. It's my maternal mantra offered to all who sit at my table.
It is my offering of generosity that hopefully makes up for other areas I might not do as well.

My kitchen is a place where anyone is welcome and all are invited.
Eating is an art and food can be part of an everyday ritual that provides sustenance, soulfulness and satiating for all that we crave.

When we all are running like the speed of life in this fast- paced world in which we live, remember to slow down.
Feed yourself well.

And, do come visit me more often......I will have a place set for you at my table.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry


The Italian Dish said...

Beautifully put. I totally agree.

alecia stevens said...

Having just finished Alice Waters and Chez Panisse by Tom McNamee, all I can think about is how to rekindle my love of simple food and sharing it with those I love. Not that I had really forgotten, but I was losing the art of it. So, I'm back at it. I just spent my weekly food budget on goat cheese with truffles and assorted fresh herbs, but since I made and shared the meal with a friend (she brought home made honey vanilla ice cream!) it was worth every cent. Thanks for the reminder. Food, like friendship, is sacred.