Time for Tuscan Grilling

The Tuscan Grills are loading off the dock. Our first shipment from Italy! Hand forged by metal smith artisans in the charming hill town of Chianti. It doesn't get any more authentic than this.

What's so special about the Bella Cucina Tuscan Grill?

1. Handforged by Italian metalsmith artisans. Like our food, our kitchen tools are hand crafted with care. Good materials, structure and a lot of love goes into these grills. They are special and one of a kind.

2. The flavor! These grills are made for cooking over hardwood. Hickory, oak, grapevines or branches from fruit trees. There is nothing more flavorful than the smokey aroma of hickory wafting from the grill. The flavor is like nothing you can imagine, until you try it. Meat, fish, chicken, vegetables are all infused with so much flavor.
Nice and crisp, seared texture on the outside, moist, juicy, tender on the inside. need i say more?

3. The experience. We are all so busy and it can seem like a chore to get it together and get a meal on the table that we are proud to share and love to eat. The grill is easy. no really! it make take a bit of time to get the flames fanning, but that is the perfect way to give yourself permission to unwind, relax and enjoy time around the fire chatting about your day. If you are really in a hurry, Alice Water's recommends using chemical free lump charcoal. Check out Page 57 in her latest book, The Art of Simple Food.

4. Alice Water's endorses this Slow Food favorite! We've got the official stamp of approval and we are proud to be the exclusive ambassador for Alice's treasured grill. Alice fell in love eating on a grill while traveling through Italy many years ago. She wanted to share it with others, and designed a grill. We have her original design, which we call Orginale. Last year, I traveled to Italy and created the Grande. A double size grill. Great for cooking for family and entertaining a crowd.

Enjoy the weather and your al fresco feasts!

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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