Summer. Sun. Flowers. Girasole is the Italian word for Sunflowers. What could express this season without words more eloquently than a quintessial flower of summer. Its' disposition is lively and commanding all at once with its focused eye that follows the sun as it moves from east to west each day. The seeds are nurturing, the oil a delicious staple for the pantry, and the blooms themselves a bright fixture in a vase on the table.

In Italy, there are fields of sunflowers in August just bursting from the earth, heads turned whichever way the sun moves.
like a living painting, they create a backdrop for our view and sustenance for someone, in some way, at some time.
Fields of flowers, dusty, hardened earth. It is a miracle to think they can flourish virtually unbothered, but not unloved.
Their stems are strong and wieldy and once cut, they last a good time until their leaves begin to wilt and the silty powder from their head begins to drop. Then they are put to rest again until next year.

Buon Appetito!

copyright Alisa Barry 2007

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