The way we eat

In today’s world, we seem to be moving so fast. We have, in the very basic sense, changed our relationship with nature. In the midst of this momentum, slowing down each day to commune at the table is one of the ways to simplify lives and replenish ourselves with sustenance, both for the appetite and the spirit.. Just as the slow food movement professes healthy, sustainable values of WHAT we eat, slowing down is HOW we eat. If we look at eating as more than just sustenance for our stomachs, but for our spirit as well, we may bring more balance and harmony into our everyday lives. Food is the most basic form of communion- with our bodies, our spirit, with others. It is so engrained in our culture to “hurry up”. Is it not time, now more than ever in the midst of our busyness, to slow down and savor? What if we could set aside some time each day to create a delicious ritual at the table that is a delicious interruption in our day.

{Food is the sustenance of life which nourishes the body, restores the spirit and soothes the soul}

How our day goes can often begin with how we start our day.
Food is so much more than filling the stomach or creating new and trendy ideas to catch the attention of those that need distraction more than satisfaction . The art of eating…simple preparation from fresh local season ingredients simply prepared with an beautiful the way. A careful hand and acknowlegement honoring the meal and its connection from the earth to the table.

The quality of life can only be savored by slowing down to surrender to the day.
It seems appropriate now more than ever to surround ourselves with the warmth of family of friends and the comfort of good food.

copyright 2007 Alisa Barry

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