How do you Artfully Entertain?

Entertaining truly is an art form. How do you artfully entertain? What is the secret ingredient to delighting your guests?

Now calling all foodies, gourmands, hosts & hostesses. In this month of hosting and holiday cheer, we are seeking the most wonderful stories of entertaining - tried + true. From the most elaborate of gourmet feasts to the simplest sprigs of rosemary, what touches make you worthy of being deemed an Artful Entertainer?

Bella Cucina will name this year's Artful Entertainer on December 30th, 2009. For consideration, click here to visit us on Facebook. Write on our wall your story, tip, photo, ingredient, video, recipe or rule of thumb - how do you artfully entertain?

Our Artful Entertainer will be recognized by Bella Cucina and will receive a gourmet gift basket brimming with all you'll need to entertain in the coming year, including our favorite seasonal selections such as:

- Cranberry Apple Sauce + Panettone (for a delicious Christmas Cranberry Panettone bread pudding)
- Pumpkin + Sage pesto (for pumpkin + sage risotto)
- Caramelized onions + golden raisin antipasti (to serve with dolci di latte gorgonzola)
- Artichoke pesto (An Oprah’s O List favorite, ideal for making our signature warm appetizer dip)
- Dipping crackers
- A personally signed copy of our "La Bella Vita" cookbook

Buon appetito!

copyright 2009 Alisa Barry


Christina Ahumada said...

I like to keep everything artfully organic. There are elements of nature surrounding the home, little home made gifts here and there for the guests to enjoy and cause them to reflect on an enjoyable evening the next day while enjoying their treats, ensure there is something beautiful to look at in every corner including the less frequented rooms, reflective elements such as candles, mood lighting, pretty dishware, and the most important ingredient - fabulous friends and family to entice warm and enjoyable conversation.

sharon said...

first, i get the urge to cook for friends and family. once that happens, i decide on the 'theme' for the evening as well as the date. once that is decided i usually plan the menu carefully deciding on the main course and then 'color-coordinating' the sides and dessert as best as i can. the final decision is the wine. aahhh, the wine! at last the invites can go out either paper or via evite, done in the theme of the party. as the big night (yes, intentional) approaches, dinnerware, serving dishes, glasses, tablecloth, nameplace cards, etc. are set up so i can look at it while preparing the meal. oh, music! i always make a special cd for the dinner and make a copy for the guests so everyone can remember the night. soooooo, now, i guess the next dinner will be in february since i am in the mood now :) wonderfully inspiring post! cheers!