Composting is Cool

Going green is all the rage, but sometimes I wonder what is real and what is hype. One thing I know for sure is that composting is a no brainer if you have a plot of land and need some good soil. Whether planting right into the ground or in a container , you can use the compost-cum-soil for your herb, veggie or flower beds.

Or maybe you just want to keep a pile of good dirt around the house. I mean, you never know when you are going to need some good, fertile soil for something....

Once I started composting, I was amazed at the amount of {good} waste that was going into the garbage each week. It's really easy to dispose of your scraps. I keep an inexpensive and easy to clean plastic pail under the sink and toss in my veggie scraps, egg shells and tea bags. It fills up quickly and gets taken out to the side of the house and put into the composter. Now, I must admit, I have a handsome man on hand that tosses and turns the scruffy scraps into a beautiful deep dark fertile soil, so I know I am a lucky girl. But, I would do it on my own if I had too. Less trash in the world is always a good thing. I have always been an advocate of the mantra: reuse, recycle, restore. Every little bit counts and it really does matter.

Check your resources to see what/how to compost in your neck of the woods.

Here are a few book suggestions to get you on the bandwagon:

1. The Composting Cookbook : how to make the perfect compost

2. Composting: : an easy household guide

3. Absolutely Beautiful Containers: the ABC's of container gardens.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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