Fresh Berry Jam Gelato

Summer is just around the corner and I am thinking gelato.
Time to put my Simac gelato maker back into action.
A few weeks ago I made some fresh berry jam and today I am making gelato!
A bit of jam and a splash of cream and my love is a happy camper.

I can't believe we forgot to serve it at Easter brunch for our guests!
too much good food and conversation, but they would have loved this little gelato gem.

More for my love. His sweet tooth craving finally satisfied. If only for a day.


4 cups fresh berry jam {needs to be fairly liquid, so add more fruit juice as needed to make the consistency of a runny jam}
1/2 cup fresh cream

Fire up the gelato maker and freeze according to manufacturer's direction.

* NOTE: I always chill my gelato maker before adding the contents. Make sure the contents are cold, too. It will cut down dramatically the time needed to make the gelato. No need to work the machine to death.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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