Roasted Chestnuts on an open fire

I love going to New York in the winter time and seeing the street vendors roasting chestnuts over a fire. They serve them in beautiful brown paper cones. I'm not sure if I love the taste or the presentation better, but the experience is always a delicious and worthwhile treat.

It's not quite the blustery cold winter time weather here in Atlanta, but chestnuts are at the market and 'tis the season, so Smith & I decided to roast a couple of handfuls in a cast iron pan on the Tuscan Grill. They were scented with the aromatic flavor of the hardwood and steamed open to a toasty, nutty perfection. I had visions of canning them with port for a decadent condiment with cheese, but they never made it into the jar! We cracked the shells and devoured them like popcorn. Earthy, nutty, delicious.

Time to fire up the grill again and get some more chestnuts roasting over the open fire!

Have any recipes you want to share that I might try? Send them my way and I promise to give it a try.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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Chef Chuck said...

Hi Alisa, Chestnut's so Italian!
I can smell them from here!!