An Apple a Day

I am in New York City at the Union Square Farmer's market. A different landscape from my last visit when the weather was warm and the variety was large. The crates of leafy greens and hierloom tomatoes have been replaced with earthy root vegetables and glistening apples. Some staples stay year-round.

If I were not staying in a hotel, I would be filling my basket with farm fresh eggs and homemade pork sausage. Pints of frozen cider and freshly baked bread. I am intrigued by the Jerusalem artichokes, but have never actually cooked them myself.
Since I have no where to cook, I settle and indulge in a piece of creamy fresh cheese dotted with bits of black olive. A handful of delicate mache is an unexpected luxury on this oh so cold day. A delicious late morning breakfast, indeed.

You know it is winter time here in the North country when the freshly pressed cider is simmering in the large pot on the propane stove at the farmer's market. I inhale the sweet scent of apple and carefully slurp down a sip. There are apples everywhere! So many varieties of apples in as many different shades of red and yellow. Some I recognize and many more I have never even known.

There are apple pies and crisps and donuts. Cranberry apple sauce. Canned apples in sweet syrup with a floating half of fresh vanilla bean. I remember my own mom making apple fritters from the tart green apples from the tree in our backyard. Dusted in powdered white sugar, sneaking just one more warm ring of fried deliciousness before dinner. Note to self- get recipe!
I know they will never be quite as good as I remember......but it sure will be fun trying.

PS: when I get the recipe from mom, I will most certainly pass it on.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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