Saturday Market Meals

Ok, so it's Thursday and I haven't posted my Saturday Market meal from last week. I can hear you now, lazy girl...didn't last very long! Well, the truth is, yes, I am at times lazy, but my Saturday Market Meal ritual is something I love and really look forward to.

So, imagine my disappointment when I was ready with market basket in hand, only to hear buckets of rain in a downpour just outside the door. It was definitely spring showers. Not good for me, but the garden loved it and the basil is now like an overgrown bush! {Time for some fresh pesto}.

With the wonderful sound of rain tinkering on my rooftop and dark clouds hovering above, I decided to give myself permission to take the day off! It turned into a much needed weekend of rest. Here we are on Thursday and I still don't have a respectable post for you!

Things have been a bit hectic in the Bella Cucina kitchens lately. We have been busy cooking up new recipes and products for the New York Fancy Food Show next week, June 29th- July 1.
Stay tuned to get a first sneek peek of our in new introductions and recipes coming soon.......

See you soon. I am off to the"Bella" cucina.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2008 Alisa Barry

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