Love at first bite

Today, while walking lazily through the Arezzo monthly Antiquario antiques market after an already gluttonous meal of a starter of fettunta, a primi piatti of gnocchi di patate and a roasted coniglio rabbit, I found myself doing what I would not ordinarily do if I were eating at home. I walked into a paneficio to try some bread. Although I have a healthy appetite, my taste veers more towards moderation of most things than filling the plate as most Americans do at one sitting. And, I rarely eat bread and if I do, it is a favorite fennel sultana loaf that is made by a particular store and, if I am not too lazy or don't mind being caught in the buzzing crowd of the eclectic elite, I make the pane pilgrimage.

But today, I not only over indulged {ok, so it is not everyday one is in Italy} but I also ate more, and bread at that. But, mind you, it wasn't just any bread that can be found even in Italy's best village bakeries. It was something new I had never seen or tasted. It was pane di formaggio. As I bit into the soft and porous dough, a crispy crust snapped quickly against my teeth and then my tongue sighed with delight. Could this be? Another bread I actually loved. Ah, so it is made with Parmiggiano Reggiano, and no more had to be said. Profumato, aromatico, delizioso!.

I must get this recipe, I command to myself, knowing somewhere back in my mind that it will never be made and the taste of the Pane Parmiggiano from Arezzo will forever linger on my tongue as a distant, delicious memory.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2008 Alisa Barry

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