How do you know when you are in Italy? Look for the signs.....

It is always a welcome sign when I saunter off the airplane in Italy, jetlagged and bedraggled, and I am greeted by the sound of a lyrical "Buon Giorno" and the smell of freshly pulled espresso from the bar just out of sight. The other signs I love are the signs themselves.

And what I love the most are the signs that are reminders of Italy's ancient history and gastronomic gustoso.

So, whenever you are in Italy and feel lost, just look up and you will find your way. Aperitivo, pranzo or just a simple caffe espresso at the bar. Buon appetito!

copyright 2008 Alisa Barry


the italian dish said...

I loved this post. It takes me back to Italy. Thanks for all the lovely pictures. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Elaine

Andrea said...

It was great to meet you in Arezzo.
The bread at Forno was all you described below.
The signs in Italy are the perfect welcome.
I hope your trip was a beautiful mix of Italian life.