Sono arrivata in Italia!

My first day was a bit of a fiasco due to the fact that I arrived on a giorno festivi, a national holiday. Italians apparently have Monday to recover from the Easter Sunday festivities.

The train that I needed to take wasn't running, even though they sold me a train ticket at the station. I only found out after lugging my embarrassingly oversize American luggage up and down multiple flights of stairs and saw the hour of departure at 13:03 come and go with no train in sight. After several more luggings of the luggage, I finally found my way. And, the hotel was closed, yes, closed {holiday, again}, but they put me in a room across the street. Thankfully, a nice red glass of wine and a dish of pasta a l'arrabiata was soon to follow. The day ended with a warm bath and a good nights sleep.
And today, I start my journey in Asti and continue through Italy for the next several weeks.
Please join me along the way as I continue to post musings of my adventure......

A presto,

Buon appetito!
copyright 2008 Alisa Barry

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things will only get better. Hope the trip is great!