La Cucina Italiana

The next day of my trip reminded me of why I have returned to this land I love so much. A drive through the Piedmontese hilltowns of green pastures and crops of freshly pruned grapevines was the perfect antidote to the day before.

My first meal with new friends was in a tiny country town serving exceptional sophisticated cuisine. Montcalvo is a sheepherding area known for bollito misto {boiled meat}, agnolotti stuffed pasta and Raschera cheese. The first dish we tried was a deliciously light sformato, a flan-like custard made of organic egg yolks and Raschera cheese in a pool of asparagus cream. An unexpected surprise of fried eggyolk burst open a deep, almost red yellow on to the plate. It seems impossible that you could fry an egg yolk, but they do. The yolk is cooled then dipped in breadcrumbs and fried quickly, just until golden brown. This is one recipe I will definitely have to try at home!

I am trying to pace myself, so my next dish was a simple agnolotti pasta en brodo.

Others at the table tried the traditional Piedmontese dish of bollito misto, mixed boiled meats of cotechino sausage, tongue, and other parts of the local beef that I don't quite remember. They were accompanied with a green and red sauce condiments traditional for this dish.

The day ended with a tour of a local vineyard making a delicious Moscato d'Asti, a sweet dessert wine made from moscato grapes traditional for that area. A delicious way to end the day.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2008 Alisa Barry

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the italian dish said...

Ciao, Alisa! I'm so glad you are enjoying Italy. I'm looking forward to reading more posts. I can't believe the color of that egg yolk!