Buon Giorno. Good morning to the day.
A minute to sit and soak in the morning sun as the “colazione” breakfast caffe latte is brought to the table, a scene that is a setting for inviting different clusters of conversations, languages, and appetites.

Toasted Italian county loaf draped in prosciutto. The scent of freshly rubbed garlic drizzled with freshly pressed olive oil penetrates the sweetness of the ham and the toothy texture of the crusty bread.It feels satisfying against my mouth, melting.
Our friends from La Quercia {}, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse, are now realizing a dream come true and a labor of love. They are producing prosciutto americano. It is delicious prosciutto rivaling those from the prized domain of Parma, Italy. As an Italophile and purist when it comes to food, I can truly say they are mastering this art. They have earned the honor, living in Parma for five years and now in the heart of swine country, Iowa.

No need to rush the day today. It is my “day off” and I have made deliberate choice to take my time this morning, not rushing to anywhere, not making plans to see anyone. Fresh squeezed tangerines and grapefruit fill my glass and wild rose tea is steeping quietly for a few minutes in the pot. I am not really a breakfast person, but on Sundays, it is a weekly ritual that fills our house with scents that distinguish it from all other days of the week and signal a time to slow down our day. Newspapers are scattered about the floor and the dogs are enjoying the quiet and calm. They too, can sense that today is a day of rest and rejuventation and they take full advantage of the offer.

Today, I make a childhood favorite of my siblings called "Man on the moon". I never really liked it as a kid because I didnt really like bread {that has now changed!}. Butter sizzles in the non-stick pan until melting. I toss in two slices of soft, oat grain with a circular round cut out from the middle of each. My 1/4 cup measuring cup worked fine for the task. One egg per slice gets cracked and slid into the now empty center. A dollop of cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt finish if off. Once the toast is golden brown, a quick flip to the other side for the same, and then onto the plate. With a small handful of microgreens and a few salted radish slices on the plate. This isnt quite what we had as kids and now makes it a grown-up delight. Yum.

Some days are meant to be simple, the food as much as the activity. No thinking, no complications. Just goodness.

Buon appetito!
alisa barry
copyright 2007

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