Ben venuto l'estate

Summer has arrived! Aside from the hot and humid muggy Atlanta air, I love summer. I am one of those rare people who would rather be hot than cold. I love a slight tan and healthy glow, meals outside under an umbrella and {when lucky} a cool sidewinds breeze. I also love seedless watermelon. The baby ones. This one was so sweet and watery, chilled to a refreshing coolness.
During the warmer months {and most months}, I rarely fuss over dessert. It is often easy and impromptu, and usually made with fruit. During summer, fresh berries with lemon cream is often on the menu. Or just a plate of washed stone fruits. Tonight, a cool, crisp wedge of watermelon is our delicious finish. enjoy the is only passing through.

Buon appetito!

Copyright Alisa Barry 2007

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