Figs are coming in!

Every year, I patiently wait for the figs on our two trees to ripen until soft and sweet, that is, if the birds don't get to them first!
It is a slow process and they seem to take their time with the matter, stretching their branches out each day to leisurely soak in the afternoon summer sun. I love figs . They can be eaten fresh with an antipasti platter of cheeses with a handful of salty marcona almonds or cut up with other summer fruits of the season and drizzled with chestnut honey and a dollop of fresh ricotta for a simple dessert. They can be poached and eaten either as a savory sauce or a sweet dessert. This is my favorite way to eat them when they are either not quite sweet enough or just a touch overripe.

We have celeste figs, which are a larger size fig with a very fleshy interior. My favorite fig is the black mission. It is small and sweet and ripens quickly. Our tree is overflowing with figs.....I will keep you posted when they ripen!

Buon appetito!

Copyright Alisa Barry 2007

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