Let's Eat: Good Ingredients


It’s really that simple.

Food tastes better when it’s made with good ingredients. Less is more and enough is enough when eating and enjoying food that offers both substance and sustenance. Eating doesn’t always have to turn into an extravagant foodie feast and, in fact, sometimes the simpler the better.  Let the beauty of the ingredients shine. Simple, but not always easy.

Until good food becomes affordable and accessible for everyone, mediocrity and unhealthy choices will abound. But that doesn’t mean having to buy in to believing one must eat tasteless food that has little nutritional value.  Everyone must eat, so  figuring out how to eat well is the first step. One meal at a time is where to start.

Thankfully, the cultural revolution has already begun.

Sure, good food costs more.  So does anything of exceptional quality. Where are the dollars spent?

One simply has to learn how to shop, cook and eat.

 Home cooked meals can be just as cost effective as the fast food found at drive-thrus and school cafeterias. Fresh produce can cost less than processed foods and all of their extraneous packaging.  Most local farmer’s markets now even take food stamps! When we choose to support local farmers and artisan producers,  more money goes into everyone’s pockets.  And that is very, very good. 

Buon appetito! © 2012 Bella Cucina

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