Introducing the Organic Artisan Collection

We’re excited to introduce our new line of artisan – crafted products made with all organic ingredients.

About the Organic Artisan Collection
The collection assortment pairs perfectly as cheese + meat condiments, flavorful sauces for fish, poultry + meats or as an accompaniment for antipasti platters or dessert toppings.


We've collaborated with Italian beekeepers to bring you our three organic artisan honeys. All our honeys are produced in the "nomadic" method, where bees are brought to the location where the flowers blossom at their peak, giving each honey their own distinct flavor profile. Small-hive bee keeping yields an elegantly aromatic honey.   They are wonderful spread on toast, drizzled on sharp cheese, or stirred into your favorite cup of tea.

Acacia has a light golden wheat tone; subtle hints of citrus pair perfectly with artisan cheeses, afternoon tea or drizzled decadently over your favorite yogurt and fresh fruit.

Lime Blossom is a unique honey not often found in the marketplace. Dense and crystallized, it is deceivingly bright, yet decidedly bold. Toss with fresh fruit and a hint of mint or swirl into an herbal tea.

Chestnut Honey Blossom is reminiscent of the forest. Deep and dark hues with a viscous texture and nutty taste, it enhances both sweet & savory dishes. Drizzle over fresh ricotta cheesecake or serve as a condiment with a rich, smoky blue cheese.

Relish, Jams + Twists
Locally and regionally sourced organic ingredients are the highlight in these hand-crafted products.   

Meyer Lemon Relish is a versatile condiment that adds a bright & intense flavor to any dish.  Serve as a cheese condiment with sautéed Greek sheep’s milk haloumi slices or a fresh goat’s milk cheese. Serve atop an arugula salad with shaved Parmesan or roasted free-range chicken, grilled fish or baked garden vegetables.   

Savory Tomato Jam is both sweet and savory, with a decadent undertone of Ceylon cinnamon permeates the sweetness of locally grown tomatoes. An elegant everyday ketchup replacement, this jammy spread will elevate your average burger and enhance your momma’s meatloaf.

Meyer Lemon Cocktail Citrus Twists are carefully knotted by hand and preserved in a simple syrup. A perfect balance of sweet & tart, add them your cocktail or sweet tea for a bright punch of flavor. Take a simple dessert and make it sensational by using twists as an edible garnish. Add a few twists to your arugula salad to balance out the peppery bite.

Preserved Fruits
Our preserved fruits are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness and preserved by hand at the height of the season so you can enjoy year-round.

Apricots in syrup are a sunburst of flavor and color in a jar. Preserving whole with the stone creates an aromatic, almond flavored syrup that is as delicious as the fruit itself. Our apricots are wonderful grilled and tossed in a salad, sliced and paired with a subtle brie, or floated in a glass with prosecco for a perfect apricot bellini!

Plums in syrup are harvested at their absolute peak. Preserved whole in a simple syrup showcases their rich color and texture. They are wonderful roasted and tossed in a salad, pureed into a tempting cocktail, or baked in a decadent cake.

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{Simplicity is a luxury. Passion is a choice. Good food is sacred.}

Buon appetito!

2011 Bella Cucina Artful Food
Photos taken by Andrew Lee Photography & Dark Stripe Media

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