Top Secret : 2011

Well, maybe not so secret anymore. As we wrap up our 16th year in business {holy cow!}, I'm giving thanks and celebrating our success. I'm also planning for more good things to come.  If we can accomplish this list, I'll be one worn-out happy bella girl. Wanna help?  Drop me a line.

No. 1  Agricola 
Organic Garden Project.  
{from the earth to the table.}  
Canning, cooking, community.

We've got an acre of land to plant and a few raised beds already made. More to be built and seeds to be sown.  We can't wait for spring!

No. 2     Bella Cucina Porta Via 
Coming back to my cafe' culinary roots.                
freshly baked focaccia.
warm pressed panini
outta this world death by chocolate cookies
Neighborhood bicycle delivery.

www. B E L L A C U C I N A. com
gets a new look! 
We're a bit behind schedule {ok, a lot}.  But we're taking our time to get this right.   Launching fresh for spring.  No, really.

No.  4   NEW PRODUCTS in the works! 
It's still all top secret right now {which really means we're still working on our ideas!}
We're scheming behind the scenes and getting ready to move into action after the first of the year.
Recipes to be tested and packaging to be picked. This is my favorite part of the process.
Toss in your two cents before it's too late! 

No. 5  Farmer's Market fresh
Spring signals the beginning of shopping outdoors at local markets with our favorite farmers. Now you'll  also be able to buy Bella Cucina products fresh, less all the fancy packaging. Using as much local and organic ingredients as possible.   Ready to eat + enjoy!

So, that's the list. In just a few days, there'll be a herd of us who'll hit the ground running.  Should be lots of fun!

May 2011 be filled with many blessings + abundance for you and yours.

Buon appetito!

Buon appetito! copyright 2010 Alisa Barry


pamc said...


I too, am passionate about food. I had a store (Parsley Sage & Rosemary, Inc.) in the 80's, in Raleigh NC's Cameron Village, and we sold your wonderful products. I want to work with you and your company, and will be mailing you my resume and a lot about me this week. Looking forward to discussing the possibilities of employment and the Art of food with you.

Pamela Armstrong-Boucas

Monica said...

I am interested in learning more. What's the best way to contact you?

alisa said...

Hi Monica,

drop me a line at

buon appetito!

jlaumer said...

Love to be part of the team. Thanks, Alisa! So many good things to come it's hard to count.