Fairfield Inn Road to Success Small Business Challenge

As the creator of a business started over 15 years ago, I am still surprised and grateful for the good things that continue to come my way. Last week I found out that I was selected as one of 10 finalists for the Fairfield Inn Small Business Challenge

I don't even remember how I found out about the challenge, but it was late one night while browsing. You know what its like when you click here, then there, and suddenly you are lost but making some incredible finds.  Then Jackpot. You find the one thing that ignites your interest and you're on a roll.

So, there I was, while the rest of the house was fast asleep,  composing questions  that would eventually be my golden ticket.  Who knew my late night would end up being an amazing opportunity and the path to some pretty cool gifts.

As a finalist, I've already won 15 nights at any Fairfield Inn. Now, I know what you're thinking...VACATION. Well, that's not quite what this is all about. It's about helping us meet our goals and go for the bigger prize- $20,000 in cash.  I have some pretty big aspirations   anyway, but there's nothing like a cash carrot stick to motivate one to meet those goals!

 I've got less than 3 months to accomplish it all!  It's going to take a lot of discipline + devotion.

So, I'm packing my bags and hitting the road.   From  ATL to NYC.  I'll  cross the country to SFO. Then, zigzag back through the midwest.   I'll be stopping by stores for book signings and tasting out mouth-watering samples of our best-selling Oprah "O" list favorite Artichoke Lemon Pesto.   I can't wait to visit some of our favorite foodies + loyal Bella Cucina customers.  I've also got a wish list of leads - people we want to connect with and places where we want more artichoke pesto stocked on the shelves.  If you have any recommendations of where you'd  like to see Bella Cucina in your neighborhood,  let me know and I'll add them to the list! Please email me: alisa@bellacucina.com

Does it sound like a business version of The Amazing Race?   I'm up for the challenge!  Stay tuned and keep the encouragement coming. I'll  keep you posted on my  progress and updated about my adventures on the road.  If you have a moment,  I'd love it if you'd stop by to say "hello" at my Fairfield Inn small business challenge blog .  On your mark..........here we go.

Buon appetito!

copyright 2010 Alisa Barry


Sue Ann Cecere said...

It is so good to see a company grow and prosper...especially one that has held such high standards to quality and charm.

I have enjoyed your products since your store opening in Virginia Highlands. You have brought Italy and its way of life to me to enjoy when I cannot be there!

Buon viaggio e buona fortuna!
Sue Ann Cecere

The Italian Dish said...

How exciting, Alisa! I wish your travels would take you near where I live but alas, no one ever comes near Lansing, Michigan! ha! Keep us updated on your travels - I would love to follow along.

Alisa Barry said...

Sue Ann,

Thank you for such kind words of encouragement!

buon appetito!

Alisa Barry said...


It's always wonderful to hear from you!
How close is Birmingham to Lansing? I may be there this fall!

baci ed abracci, sempre