Meyer Lemon Limoncello Marmellata

Hot off the heels of a visit to San Francisco and a cooking class with renknowned jam-maker, June Taylor, I find myself standing in the kitchen with my copper jam pot and a big bundle of Meyer lemons. I hauled the precious produce home from the Ferry Plaza Market and generous pickings from a our foodie friends', Caryl + Ken, backyard tree.

Meyer lemons are an indigenous fruit typically grown in California. Different from the typical Eureka lemon, these lemons are bright yellow, have thinner skins, are much sweeter and aromatic with a slightly floral flavor.

I am no jam expert and baking+ making sweets is not what I do best, but I couldn't resist giving a go at making my own marmellata as a fun experiment. With a bit of trial, experimentation and error {the first batch burned!}, I finally I created a recipe that was worth eating and enjoying {and maybe even repeating}.

Slightly bitter and somewhat sweet, with an undetectable hint of home-made limoncello, the marmellata made a perfect pairing as an early evening appetizer with olive bread and a spread of goat cheese. Cue in the glass of white wine.........success! A day and two jars of jam later, I think it's fair to say that jam-making won't be in my regular repetoire anytime time soon, but it sure was fun to make {and eat} while meyer lemons are still around to enjoy.

If you have any recipe ideas you want to share, please do before I start recipe testing round two.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2010 Alisa Barry


Lisa said...

Alisa, I love meyers & marmelade and have been buying it at Williams Sonoma (i used to be with the co.)for special breads or breakfasts. Saw your post this morning and had to head right over. Your information & lessons are great and I always leave feeling a lot smarter & hungry too! Good advice here as usual. Have a wonderful weekend.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

This looks divine. Not really lemon season here in New Zealand right now, but will be making this for sure when that time comes around.

red ticking said...

i ADORE june... and marmalade (my sweet grams always had it in her home) and these photos and post are beyond words... i love your blog.. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Alisa,

Do you have a recipe for your Meyer Lemon Limoncello Marmellata to share with me?