Simple + Scrumptious Fried Egg Sandwich

I think eggs are probably one of nature's most perfect foods. They're definitely way up on the list of "Top Ten" essential ingredients to have on hand at all times. Besides the fact that I simply adore them, eggs are perfect for adding sustenance to your diet in such a dizzying variety of ways. Hard-boiled eggs with a sprinkle of savory salt are a healthy simple snack on the run. Flavored frittatas are an easy breakfast or brunch dish that you can prepare ahead of time and just toss into the oven when the company arrives. And then there's the last-minute, late-night dinner when there's nothing on the menu and you can't bear the thought of getting in the car and getting groceries egg dish. It changes often, depending on what else is on hand. My latest favorite: the fried egg sandwich.

What inspired such a fried egg frenzy? The story begins with an early-morning trek to visit one of my favorite farmers, Judith, from Love is Love farm. They're all about the love at Love, and they're needing some love back right now. Their farm was flooded during a week of torrential storms and they've lost a lot of their crops and most of their soil. Thankfully, the chickens were saved. Despite all of the hardship and hard work, Judith stood at her stand with her amazing eggs. Hello, inspiration.

I made my way around the market and loaded up the basket with goodies of all kinds. An unexpected find was Guajillo sauce from a local Mexican chef and restauranteur {also my favorite local hang-out for fabulous margaritas}. It's made from smoked peppers and made into a slightly spicy condiment of an almost paste-like consistency. It's a deep, dark red and nothing short of delicious. So far, so good...

Then, behold: the pan di mie. A fancy sandwich bread that just begs for something not-so-ordinary. This was the perfect start for my egg sandwich. Pan di mie is soft, yet sturdy, and just ever-so-slightly sweet. It gets extra TLC when lightly toasted in applewood-smoked bacon fat. The eggs get the same decadent treatment as the bread, but with an embellishment -- a sprinkle of my favorite Spanish seasoning. Pimentón is the one. I've eaten this egg dish more than a few times over the last week. I've had it for breakfast, both with and without the bread. As a before dinner snack {I hear Mom's voice telling me not to spoil my appetite}, and for a late night supper after a long days work. The guajillo sauce is almost gone.....there is more to be had....but it's time to find a new inspiration of this incredible, edible ingredient that I love so much.


2 tablespoons rendered bacon fat {or butter} *
2 sliced pan di mie bread
2 organic eggs
salt and pepper
pinch of pimentón
1 tablespoon guajillo sauce mixed with 1 tablespoon ketchup {yep, good, old-fashioned Heinz ketchup, people}.

In a large sauté pan, melt the bacon fat or butter over medium heat. When the fat is melted, place the bread slices in the pan. Cook on one side until slightly toasted and light brown. Remove from pan and onto a plate. Crack the eggs into the pan. I like my egg yolks cooked, so I break the yolk with the tip of a knife. Season with the salt, pepper and pimentón. Cover the pan and cook the eggs just to your taste. Turn them over and cook for just a few more seconds. Remove the eggs and place them, overlapping, onto one of the bread slices. Top with the guajillo sauce mixture and the other slice of toasted bread. Cut in half and enjoy!

* NOTE: I keep rendered bacon fat on had at all times {yes, I eat a lot of bacon}. If you don't have bacon fat on hand, you can cook up a few slices of bacon to go with the meal, or use unsalted butter. If you are a vegetarian, canola oil is a good substitution.

Click HERE if you want to help with the Georgia Farmer's Flood Relief.

copyright 2009 Alisa Barry


trapezeboy said...

We have fashioned something we call a BLEAT. Bacon, Lettuce, Egg, Avocado, Tomato. It's incredibly good, especially when all the items are in season. Your photos and tales are great; keep it up!!

Alisa Barry said...

Yum! Sounds delicious. thanks for sharing your seasonal scrumptious sandwich with us. I love my bacon.