Manifesto for Artful Eating

It's hard to believe this is a Food and Drug Administration poster from 1914. Originally created as part of a food conservation effort for the war, I am amazed at how relevant {and poetically right on} these words are for today. Our food consciousness is waking up. More people, not just "foodies", are enjoying the weekly ritual of shopping at farmer's markets and eating locally grown, good food. It's a movement not just for food, but for our life. It's still not easily and cost effectively available for all, which saddens me, but inch by inch is sometimes how it goes.

Let's not wait for {another} war to change the way we eat and live.
Let this be our manifesto for artful eating for today, again.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry


Tina Mermaid said...

i absolutely love this! thank you for posting..

Papilles et Pupilles said...

so true !

Wade Scott said...

I don't think you can "serve just enough" when it's fresh peach salsa.
*nom, nom, nom*

Gab said...

Thanks for posting this vintage poster! I love it!!! I'm going to print it and hang it in my kitchen.

sharon said...

beautiful! i can hardly believe its from 1914! wow! currently, i am loving my weekly trips to the farmer's markets and am freezing and canning as much as i can for the long winter ahead. thanks for posting, very inspirational! cheers! sharon