Needs, Wants + Must Haves for summertime

Some things I aspire to have and others I can't imagine living without. These are the things that are essential to living our lives as art. Here are a few of my favorite staples for the summertime....

Moroccan straw market basket
I couldn’t imagine being without my market baskets.  I have a half a dozen of various sizes and shapes scattered throughout my life. I keep them hanging on a rack in the kitchen for when I need to transport something in style. I keep a few lightweight baskets in my car for shopping at the market. I only wish I could remember to put them back after I bring in the groceries!

Oatmeal linen apron
Just because you are cooking, doesn’t mean you can't be stylish. A full length linen bistro apron wears well for any size + shape. My latest new favorite find is from fellow ATL entrepreneur Ashley Leckey. Artist at heart, she has created the ultimate artful apron. Cooking in the kitchen can be stylish as well as delicious!

The authentic Tuscan Grill
Once you have tasted food cooked over an open flame made with hard wood you will understand why this is so worth the extra time and effort. In the summer, use the Tuscan Grill outdoors in a fire pit or set on a concrete slab or over tiles. It's portable enough that you can even take it to the beach. In winter, bring it indoors to set inside your fireplace. Nothing like bringing some sunshine to the winter cold. I have had mine for over 15 years. I am never going back to a gas grill!

Flip video camera
One way to bring the summer into full swing is to document the fun! This micro -mini video camera fits in the palm of your hand and is so easy to use. Just turn it on and ham it up. Downloading is easy- just plug in to your computer and it automatically downloads your videos.

Time to get outside + have some fun!

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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