Food Writing for the Soul

I used to collect cookbooks like pennies off the street. I would delight in the surprise of finding them, then carefully tuck them away until a rainy day- or until I needed inspiration for a new recipe idea. I love the idea of inspiration and reinvention.

When I was writing my cookbook, La Bella Vita, writing down the recipes was the most difficult task of all. I rarely make the same dish twice, and rarely follow a recipe {unless it is dessert- and then it is strictly by the book}. I am a savory girl who thrives on new ideas. Inspired by ingredients, first and foremost. And, I am inpatient and not so precise. Visuals are good. Sometimes essential. Give me a good book or magazine with beautiful photos and I am in heaven. When I write, it always begins with something I can see, taste or remember.

Good food writing is my best inspiration to get me into the kitchen.
I revere the classic greats: M.F.K. Fisher, Elizabeth David, Waverly Root, to name a few favorites ......

Where to get the best food writing? Well, that's easy, its called The Best Food annual book of bests.
If writing or reading about food is your thing, you're gonna love this tome of delicious stories, recipes and inspiration.
This is where the real joy of cooking begins, for me.

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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