Alfresco Pranzo Lunch

The is nothing more decadent and fun to me than to sneak away to an outdoor cafe somewhere in the city where I can steal away a couple of hours to myself. It's my inspiration + idea time. It's an "artist date" with myself. A time and place to dip into the creative well and dream about all of the things I love and want in my life. {which usually involves food}

This week, I decided to take my artist's date at the High Museum. I could eat alfresco in a piazza courtyard designed by famed and favorite architect Renzo Piano, then go visit Monet's water lilies paintings on display in full bloom.

Lingering, lingering, lingering. Life's little luxury, if you can carve out the time.
Just as I was deciding to pack up and head to the museum, I smelled the aroma of Italian roasted coffee coming my way.
A cappucino, please.

{more lingering.......}

life's simple luxuries are sometimes the smallest of things.....especially if they are about eating good food and stealing away a few moments to dream.....

Buon appetito!
copyright 2009 Alisa Barry

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Kathy said...

Your photos are gorgeous and mouth-watering words accompany them! I stumbled upon your site and blog and am so excited....will visit often. And plan to order that slow cooker you featured-I LOVE THE POSSIBILITIES IT OFFERS!!!