What's New?

I have just returned from the New York Fancy Food Show, where thousands of retailers gathered for three days to sample the latest offerings of food companies from all over the world.

The first question everyone asks when they step up to the table to taste is, "What's new?"

Innovation is what they want see, taste and experience. I am a big fan of innovative ideas, but never at the expense of becoming a blink-of-the-eye trend or flavor of the moment. Authenticity is always the foundation of a long-lasting, quality product.

Bella Cucina has been busy in the kitchen the last several months and had one of our largest new product introduction selections ever! Some were brand new, never been tasted. Others were classic favorites re-introduced by customer demand. And yet others were flavors originally created as private label ideas and now brought to the forefront for everyone to eat and enjoy.

Inspiration from my garden

Our fan favorite was the NEW! Mint & Pistachio Pesto. The word of the day was, "refreshing". A nice flavor for the summer sizzling heat, but a good taste all year round. We paired the pesto with a richly thick Greek yogurt, served with tiny slices of local pickling cucumbers laced with our Wild Sage & Oregano Savory Salt. Imagine this "refreshing" sauce with thick, grilled lamb chops. Or, a juicy roasted chicken leg laced with seville oranges on a bed of watercress and flecks of feta.

Thanks to the elegant eye of our amazing designer, Louise Fili, for her beautiful label designs.

Depending on which way you look at things, Bella Cucina has either bastardized the meaning of PESTO, or defied the classic tradition with a fresh, new poetic license of taste and flavor. We hope you will agree, pesto isn't just for pasta anymore.

Bella Cucina Mint & Pistachio Pesto will be available for sale August 1, 2008. To place your order for family, friends or your retail store, email me: alisa@bellacucina.com and I will put you on the top of the list!

Buon appetito!
copyright 2008 Alisa Barry

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Karen said...

Alisa, your beautifully packaged and delicious products have been inspiring me for a while...I look forward to seeing and tasting what's new!