Through the eyes of Italy

It has been just a week since I have returned from Italy. After a few days of "return to reality" blues, I am getting my kitchen ready to start a new recipe marathon. The other day, my friend Elaine from the Italian Dish posted a beautiful recipe for Porchetta on her own blog. It reminded me of my visit to Dario's and the roadside vendors that park their van and pop up a tent, ready to sell still warm regional favorites to hungry loyal locals. Italians have mastered the art of eating locally and as a young culture, we are learning to cultivate our own interpretation of eating locally. Most of us don't have the pleasure of stocking our pantry with freshly pressed extra virgin olive right from the estate, but we do have "local" alternatives. California makes a number of amazing oils of all olive varietals.

And farmer's markets are popping up each year in small towns across the country. Baby boomers are buying farmland and setting up shop as farmer's and growers, some getting back to their own family roots after decades of diversion.

And so, although I love Italy and will always see through the eyes that adore this amazing and special place, I love being at home here too. I missed cooking in my own kitchen and was chomping at the bit to try some of the recipes I had along the way on my travels.

Stay tuned, recipes coming........

Buon Appetito!
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the italian dish said...

I agree with your comments about eating locally. That's something the Italians really know how to do! Our farmer's market opens here in Michigan this weekend and I can't wait!