Simple, seasonal eats

Sometimes, the simple things are the best things. One of my favorite easy, elegant appetizers for guests is whole or sliced radishes with sweet cream butter and Maldon sea salt. Or as a delicious sandwich with rosemary focaccia. Just add some garlic aioli and a handful of arugula leaves and you have yourself a crunchy, healthy, refreshing snack. Yum! If you have never tried it, don't be so quick to turn up your nose or slam down your fork. Or, lightly sauteed in butter , greens and all, as a side dish for wood-grilled flank steak or sweet, succulent lobster. Radishes are no longer just the common salad bar condiment. Rainbow, icicle, french- the varieties now grown at farmer's markets have blossomed.

To serve radishes as an appetizer, simply wash, trim bottom stem and serve whole {keep the green leaves on if serving whole}, slice lengthwise in half or slice crosswise into rounds. Keep cool until ready to serve. This will retain the moisture and crunchy texture. When ready to serve, sprinkly lightly with Maldon sea salt {or another one of your favorite brands} or place salt in a shallow bowl for dipping. Serve plain or with a bowl of room temperature sweet salted butter and crustry french bread.


Buon appetito!

copyright 2007 Alisa Barry

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