Pasta e Presto

Today I am making pasta. By hand. If you have never made pasta by hand, it may seem like a daunting task reserved only for those adept in cooking and committed to hours in the kitchen. Italian signore that labor all day in kitchen, having learned the craft from many generations before, make pasta like they are opening a can of vegetables-swift and deft, without sweat or worry. Me, on the other hand, still see it as a special occassion event. When there is pasta nearby made professionally and relatively affordable, that is always my first choice. I do what I do best and leave to the experts that which they do best.
But today I am making pasta. I have farm fresh eggs, tipo 00 flour, the traditional Italian-made flour that is sweet and soft and ground just right. I am making fresh fettucine which will be served with a fresh and light tomato sauce as a first course to my sunday supper.

Come visit me tomorrow and I will tell you how it turned out!

Buon appetito!

Copyright 2007 Alisa Barry

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