Easy Appetizer

One of my favorite appetizers can be made on the grill or on the stovetop. Either way, it is easy, interesting and must be eaten right away! It is melted haloumi cheese. Haloumi is a greek cheese that is only best when heated. In summer, I wrap it in fig or grape leaves and toss it on a hot grill. Last night, I made it as an appetizer as my honey and I were standing around the kitchen island drinking a glass of red and catching up on the day.
He was harvesting the herbs he dried from our garden and removing the stems from the leaves. I stole a pinch and added to the top of the cheese, tossed into a hot pan, sprinkled with a pinch of peperoncini and sauteed on both sides until crisp and golden brown and soft on the inside.
The cheese never really melts and has an almost rubbery texture, one I seemingly love for some reason. The cheese would not be finished , or as delicious, if it didnt have a drizzle of fresh lemon as it comes of the heat. I like to serve it with proscuitto piccante {www.laquercia.com} and a cool glass of white wine. Hours may go by before you forget there was dinner to make.

Buon appetito!

copyright Alisa Barry 2007

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